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Top FAQs for Getting Massage Therapy Certification


Today, Texas has more than 25,000 registered massage therapists. Massage therapy is a quickly growing area, with the Department of Labor predicting that “Employment of massage therapists is expected to grow much faster than the national average, with an anticipated 23% growth rate from 2012-2022 creating 30,000 new jobs.”

If you want to join the surge of massage moguls, you will need to undergo a series of tests to receive certification. Avenue Five is one of many schools that offer the necessary education for those who want to receive this certification and move into the exciting world of massage therapy.

Can I operate without massage therapy certification?

No. Operating as a unregistered, unlicensed massage therapist is illegal and could result in, at best, the closure of your company, or, at worst, legal actions being taken against you and your company.

What do I need?

In Texas, a massage therapist requires 500 hours of education plus 50 hours of internship before  passing a written and practical exam to get a license.

What am I going to learn?

At Avenue Five, the 500 hour basic course teaches you anatomy, health, hygiene, business practices, ethics, kinesiology and a variety of massage styles, including Asian and Swedish, and CPR. Other schools may study different areas or combinations of areas. At Avenue Five, the basic course emphasises the business aspects. In less than a year, you will learn everything you need to pursue employment in health centers, resorts, and even self-employment.

The 900 hour advanced course is more focused on teaching a more varied selection of massages, split between medical and recreational methods, including cranio sacral, lympathic drainage, reflexology, aromatherapy, pre-natal massage and athletic massage, among others. This is more focused on massage and the different styles, both health-related and for relaxation.

What does the internship consist of?

As an intern, you will be expected to use what you have learned in a professional setting, dealing with clients, scheduling and marketing. Some of the places you could be working include hotels, cruise ships, rehab clinics, private practices and more, assisting the elderly, infirm, and injured, as well as private customers, potentially dealing with both medical issues and private leisure time.

Can I use continuing education classes to earn the 500 hours required for massage therapy certification

No. All 500 hours must be submitted on a transcript, either through a university, college, massage school, or another appropriately accredited training program.

Do I have to take the Texas state exam to get a license?

All those who have completed their massage therapy studies in a recognised course must pass an exam administered by either the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork or the Federation of State Massage Therapy Boards.

Learn the art of massage at Avenue Five

Do you want to become a massage therapist? We at Avenuefive have the right program. Our 900-hour Advanced Massage Therapy program is unique because it provides comprehensive training across a broad spectrum of massage modalities.  In our hands-on and student focused learning environment, you will explore subjects such as anatomy and physiology, bodywork, and business building skills for wellness professionals.

Contact us today for more information about our massage therapy program or to schedule a tour of our campus.

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