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Can Massage Therapists Use Public Speaking to Promote their Business?

If you’re flying solo as a massage therapist and you are not working under any company, how can you increase the influx of business? First, you can ask your existing clients to put your name out there. With just one successful referral for each client, your business will double within the next few months. Second, you can distribute flyers near establishments which also offer massage services. The one thing that will make you stand out is that you offer your services at the homes of your clients – so they will definitely be interested with such convenience. Third, you can use public speaking as a way to spread the word about your massage therapy business. Find out how you can do just that, and what the important elements are when using public speaking as a way to promote your massage therapy business.

How Can Massage Therapists Use Public Speaking to Promote their Business?

Exactly how can massage therapists use public speaking to promote their business? Don’t worry because you do not necessarily have to do a rousing public presentation where the audience is expected to applaud at the end. Since you are offering your services to clients on an individual basis, your audience will be casual and a lot more intimate. Let’s say that you are attending the birthday party of a distant relative who you haven’t seen for a long time. There will be plenty of people there who you can set up as an audience. What you do will definitely come up in the conversation, and you can use that opportunity to present yourself as a licensed massage therapist. Make sure to have plenty of business cards handy so that you can give it to those who are interested.

Important Elements when Using Public Speaking to Promote a Business

As a massage therapist, here are the most important elements that you should keep in mind when using public speaking as a way to promote your business:

  • Grabbing the opportunity to make formal but short presentations.

Aside from social gatherings, there are plenty of other avenues for you to make a formal but short presentation for your business. After an exercise class, for example, you can ask the manager if you can come in to make a ten-minute presentation about the benefits of a massage post-workout. Check out the community billboards in your area, scope out the groups, clubs, local business organizations, sports and youth groups. When you gather these like-minded individuals together to make your case about the benefits of a massage, you can increase the number of clients that you have.

  • Engaging your audience.

When making a presentation, make sure to vary your tone so that you would not sound monotonous. Do create a draft of the points that you will highlight, but still make your presentation flow freely. One example of how you can engage your audience is by introducing the ways to decrease stress while increasing mobility. From there, branch out to discussing the power of meditation. Teach your audience how to do a one-minute meditation, then talk about how to alleviate muscle tension and do activities for that as well. Talk briefly about the exercises that they can do at home, then finish it off by offering discounts on the at-home massage services that you can book within the group.

  • Making follow ups.

Finally, don’t forget to make follow ups. After doing a series of presentations, you should get a lot of calls and initial appointment settings. Don’t hesitate to make follow up calls and offer discounts for those who sound hesitant about booking your services. Make sure that a client has an unforgettable, stress-relieving massage experience so that you can get repeat clients. These clients will in turn spread the word about how good you are. Then, you can simply sit back and watch your number of clients grow after doing a series of public speaking engagements as a massage therapist – whether informally or formally.

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