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Makeup Application Tips and Tricks for Brown Skin Tones

makeup for brown skin tonesMakeup for brown skin tones requires a different approach than other skin types.  Finding the right makeup line and shade is key, as is learning a few tricks to keep dark skin looking smooth and accentuating its gorgeous tint.

Finding The Right Makeup For Brown Skin Tones

It can be difficult for darker skinned women to find the right makeup to match their complexion.  Many lines of foundations/bases do not have shades dark enough to compliment certain skin tones.  Another issue is that many conventional colors won’t show up as brightly as intended on brown skin. There are a few companies, however, that specialize in creating products that are designed for African American skin tones and textures.  These brands use information about skin chemistry to create solutions for women of color.

What Works?

The shades of foundation, eyeliner, eye shadow, blush, and lipstick that work for a woman of color will vary from individual to individual.  Nevertheless, there are some general colors and tones that tend to work for African American women:

  • Yellow based foundation
  • Nude, burgundy, or earth tone lips
  • Shimmery, metallic, eye shadows
  • A general rule is the darker the skin, the brighter the colors one can “pull off”.

Application Tips

Once one has found a brand of beauty products that works for their skin tone, they can start using it, whether it be day to day use or for a special event.  In order to get the true effect of a gorgeous, high quality cosmetic, there are a few tricks one can use.

  • Use a black or very dark brown eyeliner with bright eye shadows to play up eyes.
  • Use two complimentary colors rather than just one color for eye shadow.  For example, dark skinned women may try creating a two toned look using gold and purple.
  • If one can’t find the right tone of foundation for their skin, they can try mixing two different shades to create one that is complimentary to their unique skin.
  • Choose lip liner that is of a similar shade to one’s lip gloss or lipstick.
  • Black or dark brown mascara can make eye lashes pop.  For extra glam, one can add false eyelashes in a dark shade.
  • Brown or copper bronzer shades will accentuate dark skin tones.  Choose a shade and brush it high along cheekbones.
  • Create a “smoky eye” look by using a darker color on the lower part of the eyelid, and a lighter shade (or a combination of multiple lighter shades on the upper part of the lid to accentuate. Since this might be tricky to pull off, you would benefit from getting it done by students at a makeup school under the watchful eye of their instructors.

It can be challenging as a woman of color to find cosmetics that work for one’s unique complexion.  Fortunately, there are very many products out there that will make you look prettier than ever.

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