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Why It Pays to Invest in a Massage Chair

Your muscles are all tense and knotted after a stressful week at work. You’d like nothing more than to have a massage but you were unable to book an appointment at a local spa. What’s the next best thing to do? Sit in a massage chair! You can look for an establishment which has massage chairs for rent, or you can simply invest in one to use at home. Although massage chairs can be expensive, they are a lifetime investment for you and the whole family to use.

How Massage Chairs Work

 A typical massage from a professional therapist includes kneading, rolling, tapping and gripping motions to work out the knots from the muscles. If you are using a massage chair, how can these tasks be simulated? There are different types of massage chairs out there but generally, they use a combination of rollers, motors, gears and vibrating mechanisms to mimic the actions of a massage therapist. The rollers basically act like human hands as they move from one side to another, or in a circular motion. The vibrators mimic the gripping motion made by massage therapists and the intensity depends on the kind of massage you are getting. The other gears work in such a way that a massage from a real therapist is imitated.

What are the Benefits of Using a Massage Chair?

Now, if you are thinking about investing on a massage chair, you are definitely on the right track. There are plenty of benefits to getting one including the following:

  • It can be used anytime without your having to book an appointment with a massage therapist.

Perhaps the number one reason why you should invest in a massage chair is that it can be used in the convenience of your own home. You do not have to go through the motions of booking an appointment at a spa, a hotel or arrange a home visit. You can simply plug the electronic massage chair in, press the buttons and sit on it to relax. Although there are instances when a massage from a real therapist would help, a massage chair that you can use anytime offers utmost convenience, benefits your health and promotes utmost relaxation.


  • Using a massage chair enhances flexibility and decreases tension in the body.

The electronic parts of a chair mimic the motions of a therapist so you’ll get the same set of benefits. A massage boosts flexibility and decreases the tension in your body as the kinks from your muscles get worked out.


  • Having regular massages boosts the endorphin levels.

Endorphins are feel good chemicals in the body and when you get a massage, the level of endorphins are given a boost. This is precisely the reason why you feel utterly relaxed and even get a glow after a massage.


  • Massages help boost your overall health.

Finally, using a massage chair regularly helps boost your overall health. It promotes healthy blood flow, releases harmful toxins from the body and promotes overall relaxation and healing. With all these benefits and more, you really should seriously consider investing in a massage chair.







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