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How Sports Massage Differs from Other Types of Muscular Treatment

Swedish, trigger point, reflexology, deep tissue – these are some of the techniques used in sports massage. As the name implies, sports massage is a type of tissue and muscle manipulation which is specifically designed for athletes’ muscle recovery, and to help them heal from injuries. Professional athletes or even just regular folks who play sports go through rigorous physical activities which put a strain on the muscles. After playing basketball, you can book a session for a sports massage to help ease out the kinks in your muscles. For athletes, sports massages are a must because they do go through a lot of physical stresses when playing their games. Aside from helping their muscles recover after a rigorous physical workout, sports massages help athletes improve their performance and prepare them for the next games to come.

What to Expect during a Sports Massage Session

To give you an idea about what to expect during a sports massage session, take a look at the following list:

  • A sports massage can be done before, during or after an athletic event.

For professional athletes, massages can be done before, during or after the game. If it’s your first time to be given a sports massage by a therapist, he or she will first check into your medical history and determine your physical condition. For athletes who are suffering from an injury, this is particularly important. A sports massage delivered during the game can be caused by an unexpected injury or cramps. When the massage is administered after the game, the goal is to make the muscles recover after it has been put through strenuous physical activity. After-game sports massages are also done to boost the performance of the athlete on the next game, and to get rid of the muscle cramps and ease the kinks out from tissues.


  • A sports massage includes different techniques to satisfy the reason for administering the massage.

As mentioned earlier, there are different techniques used in a sports massage. There’s neuromuscular therapy, acupressure, soft tissue massage, trigger point therapy, Swedish massage or reflexology. It is entirely up to the therapist to decide which among these techniques to use, based on the goal of the massage and the physical condition of the client. If it’s just a regular sports massage after the game, the goal is to make the athlete feel energized, balanced and ready for more action in the next games.


How Sports Massages Differ from Other Massage Treatments?


Finally, what exactly is it that makes sports massages different from other treatments? It has something to do with the fact that sports massages are specifically designed for athletes and individuals who are into sports. After going through a rigorous workout which is what you will get when playing any kind of sport, your muscles and tissues will be flexed out to the extreme. With the help of a sports massage, you can experience benefits like improvement of the lymphatic system; improvement of blood flow; enhancing of flexibility; and relief from pain and muscle tension. No matter which technique a  therapist uses in the end, you can rest assured that a sports massage will give your body the pampering that it needs after playing a sport.

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