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Ace the No-Makeup Makeup Look with these Tips!

Over the years, plenty of makeup trends and technologies have emerged. From the classic techniques of applying makeup to using airbrush as a tool; or from contouring the face ala-Kim Kardashian to what is currently gaining popularity: strobing, something similar to highlighting to make the face appear brighter. But no matter how heavy or light

Makeup Techniques that You can Borrow from the Professionals

Whether you’re an aspiring makeup artist or if you would simply like to improve your makeup techniques for yourself, there are many tricks from the pros that you can borrow. These are things that they learned from makeup school, and developed on their own while working as professional makeup artists. In the next section, we

The Rising Popularity of Makeup Training in Austin

Over the years, there have been more people getting makeup training in Austin than ever before.  In fact, makeup schools around the world are experiencing an increase in enrollments.  So what is it that draws people towards a career in makeup artistry? Makeup Training in Austin In order to become a makeup artist, job seekers