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4 Hair Styles That Go Well With A Hat

You may not be required to have a hat on to meet royal tradition, like Kate Middleton, but some hairstyles are uniquely suited for hats. Instead of thinking of your winter hats as a challenge to a super hairdo, why not seek out a hairstyle for hat display? Hats can create new looks when combined with

What Every MUAH Needs to Know About Photo-shoot Etiquette

The first few times on a photo-shoot can be overwhelming. Whether you are working as a lead artist or assistant, there are jargons, lots of equipment and people that you have to familiarize yourself with. The best way to prepare for a photo shoot is by familiarizing yourself with the etiquettes. These etiquettes are unwritten

Branding, Naming and Positioning for Hairdresser Freelancers

Being a professional freelance hairdresser can be liberating and financially rewarding. You have the freedom to create your own schedule and your creativity has an outlet. If you know how to brand yourself!  Like any freelancer, getting work in the field of cosmetology requires a lot of self-promotion because name recognition is essential to your

Platinum Blonde, Balayage or Red? Trendspotting the Hottest Hair Colors for 2014

From fashion runways to red carpet events to a typical workplace, it’s easy to spot the hottest trends in hair color. For the year 2014, it’s a mishmash of different hues ranging from the really eye-catching platinum blonde to the classic brunette. Here, we will take a look at the hottest trends in hair color

An Essential Guide to Hair Care Products for Men

If there’s one part of the body that most men are quite conscious of, it’s none other than their hair. Women may obsess about makeup, clothes, shoes and bags but for men, it’s all about their hair. The good news is that there are plenty of hair care products out there which are specifically formulated

Why You Should Consider Moving to Austin, Texas

According to, Texas dominates the list of the fastest-growing cities in the United States. Austin and Dallas ranks first and second, depicting that these are the top two cities which are not just growing but creating better opportunities for those who are thinking about moving. Based on Moody’s Analytics on the 100 largest metropolitan

Makeup Techniques that You can Borrow from the Professionals

Whether you’re an aspiring makeup artist or if you would simply like to improve your makeup techniques for yourself, there are many tricks from the pros that you can borrow. These are things that they learned from makeup school, and developed on their own while working as professional makeup artists. In the next section, we

Vidal Sassoon: The Man behind the Brand

When you mention the name Vidal Sassoon, it has become almost synonymous with hairstyling. Starting from the famous wedge bob to internationally known hairstyling salons and popular hairstyling products flooding the market, there’s no doubt that the name has become a brand unto itself. But who is the man behind the brand? How did he