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5 Unexpectedly Wonderful Benefits of Prenatal Massage

Our massage therapy school in Austin, TX, is obsessed with prenatal massage. Why? Simple, because of all the benefits it offers moms-to-be. Getting a prenatal massage is a drug-free way to reduce pain, feel better and shake off stress and anxiety.  Furthermore, studies have shown regular massage can even reduce the risk of complications during

8 Benefits to Getting a Swedish Massage in Austin at Avenue Five Institute

Avenue Five Institute offers a relaxing Swedish massage in Austin that’ll refresh your mind, body and spirit. Read on to learn more about the health benefits of getting a Swedish massage. A Swedish massage is a common type of massage in Austin, Texas, and all around the world. It combines light to medium pressure with long

6 Things You Need to Know About Aromatherapy Massage & Essential Oils

When you hear the term “aromatherapy massage” it can relate to a wide variety of massage styles if they incorporate essential oils. Massage is an ancient form of treatment but using essential oils as a natural remedy dates back even further. By pairing the benefits of massage with the benefits of aromatherapy and essential oils,

Meet Rick Pinette, Massage Program Instructor at Avenue Five Institute!

Get To Know Our Rock Star Team We are extremely proud of our talented team of experienced educators. We always say that, “they’re not here because they have to be but because they want to be.” Day in and day out they are fully committed to helping students learn, grow, and pursue their career goals. (#TeamAve5!)

Facelift Massage: Overview and Benefits

One of the many concepts taught at massage school in Austin, TX – or any massage school, for that matter, is facial massage. Don’t mistake this for a typical facial treatment that customers get at a beauty salon. Instead of dealing with the treatment of the superficial layer of the skin, a facial massage goes

Adding Cupping Therapy to Your Menu of Spa Services

Helpful Tips for Professionals from Austin Massage School If you’re a product of a massage school in Austin, TXand you are just getting into the massage therapy as an industry, you might be familiar with just the basic spa treatments available. This includes the different foundational massage techniques, aromatherapy, body wraps, and facial treatments. But what if

How Massage Therapy Improves the Quality of Life

Massage Therapy Advice from Austin, TX Massage School One of the first lessons taught in classes at a massage school in Austin, TX is that when you get into this kind of profession, you will be helping a lot of people heal. More than just the physical healing, a professional massage session helps eliminate stress

Meet Kathy German, Massage Program Director at Avenue Five Institute!

We proudly introduce you to Kathy German, our Massage Program Director! Kathy started her career with a Business Degree from Texas A&M University.  After acquiring experience across various areas of business, including banking, consulting, and transportation, she was fortunate enough to experience a life-changing Reiki treatment.  As Kathy describes it: “My world opened up and I knew