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Planning to Start a Salon or Day Spa Business? Here’s What You Need to Know

Even if the economy is down, a lot of people will still make use of the services provided by day spas and beauty salons. Why? Primarily, because such personal care services are difficult or cannot be duplicated at home. Looking and feeling good is also something that most people are willing to pay for, no

Thinking about Starting Your Own Massage Therapy Business? Here’s How!

If you’re considering starting your own business and you are interested in massage therapy, you can definitely be your own boss. But just like any other field, you need to take preparatory steps to build the company from the ground up. You need to think about things like whether you’ll simply go freelance and offer

Where Will the Massage Therapy Jobs be in 2016?

Massage therapists help make their clients feel better by applying their training to relax the soft-tissue muscles of the body through various touch techniques. This helps people rehabilitate injuries, reduce pain levels, promote better circulation while leading to a reduction in stress. Massage therapy also helps relax muscles and leads to a better sense of

Can Massage Therapists Use Public Speaking to Promote their Business?

If you’re flying solo as a massage therapist and you are not working under any company, how can you increase the influx of business? First, you can ask your existing clients to put your name out there. With just one successful referral for each client, your business will double within the next few months. Second,

How Massage Therapists Can Take Care of their Own Bodies

Doctor, heal thyself is a mantra that applies to all professionals whose job is to heal and give care to others. If you’re a massage therapist, this definitely applies to you. Your job is to massage one client after another using your own muscle strength and massaging techniques, but what if you are the one

A Day in the Life of a Massage Therapist

The goal of massage therapy is to alleviate pain, improve circulation and relax muscles. The daily chores of a massage therapist revolve mostly around working one-on-one with their clients. Depending on how you decide to practise massage therapy, a few business-related tasks may need to be taken care of as well. Day-to-Day Duties of a

Top FAQs for Getting Massage Therapy Certification

Today, Texas has more than 25,000 registered massage therapists. Massage therapy is a quickly growing area, with the Department of Labor predicting that “Employment of massage therapists is expected to grow much faster than the national average, with an anticipated 23% growth rate from 2012-2022 creating 30,000 new jobs.” If you want to join the

Steps to Follow when Marketing Your Massage Therapy Services

You just received that crisp, non-wrinkled certification from massage therapy school. You already completed your skills set training, and acquired sufficient skills and hours with patients so you know that you are 100% set to start your very own massage therapy business. Since the only things that you need are your skills as a therapist